Neliti OAI-PMH metadata service

The Neliti OAI-PMH service provides access to metadata of all items in our repository. The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) is a standard for retrieving metadata from digital document repositories. Neliti supports OAI-PMH version 2.0 only.

Base URL:



Retrieve identifying information about the service.


List the metadata formats available. Currently, Neliti supports Dublin Core metadata only.


List headers of record metadata. Responses contain up to 200 results, and a resumption token is provided for the remaining results.

List headers for all Neliti records:

List headers for all records last modified after 01/01/2010:

If the above request returned the resumption token "RXhhbXBsZSB0b2tlbg==", then the following request returns the next batch of results:

List headers for all articles last modified between 2012 and 2017 in a particular journal:

List headers for Neliti's unique subset only:

Note that datestamps on records refer to the last modification date of the metadata record, not the publication date of the article. Neliti does not currently support selective harvesting based on publication date.


Identical to ListIdentifiers, but returns all metadata rather than just headers.


List the sets available. In Neliti, sets correspond to individual journals. There is also a set called "unique" that contains content unique to Neliti (that is, not indexed by other databases). Results from ListSets are limited to 200 per response, after which a resumption token is provided.


Retrieve metadata for a single record by its identifier.